Salmon and Fish

State of Alaska, Department of Fish and Game Salmon Lifecycle Coloring/Activity Book

This book is a great tool to introduce children to the lifecycle and species of salmon that live in Alaska. There are clear pictures to help illustrate the lifecycle, from the laying of eggs to spawning. There are lots of opportunities for coloring too. A fun activity would be to have a model of each species of salmon and have each child try to color the available pictures as best as they can to represent each species.

State of Alaska, Department of Fish and Game Awesome Alaska Fish: A Fun Fact Coloring Book

In this book, children will learn about other important species of fish, their habitat, fish anatomy, and other fun individual facts. A fun learning activity would be to have children list the differences between the species.

The Salmon Song

This is a fun and catchy song to help children remember the lifecycle of a salmon. Sing it as a group, have groups of kids sing alternate lines, or add fun movements for variety.

Salmon Stream by Carol Reed-Jones

This book is a great for story time. Well written and with beautiful, colorful illustrations, this is another great resource to incorporate into salmon and fish lessons.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game Salmon Cam

This Salmon Cam is a fun away to watch salmon grow up, from eggs to when they are released into a local river, without the hassle of a fish tank in the classroom. One activity that could be done is to check in on the camera daily or weekly and have the children describe the changes they see from one visit to the next.