Recipes and Food Services

Make it Local-Recipes for Alaska’s Children

This is a great collection of from scratch recipes, focused on using local Alaska ingredients. The recipes are also formulated to be used in childcare centers and family home settings. A fun way to incorporate children into the menu planning would be to have them vote on a local food to try and then on a recipe that includes it.

The Alaska School Salad Book

In efforts to get children to eat more fruits and vegetables, the below resource brings a bevy of recipes to the table to encourage just that, while including highlight on where Alaska products can be used. To encourage child participation, a voting system could be a fun and informative way of getting child feed back on each recipe. Shapes, numbers, colors, or letters could be used by children in the voting to communicate their opinions on each dish. Think heart shapes or a letter A “Love It”, frowning faces or a letter F for “Don’t Like It”.

Traditional Food Guide for Alaska Native Cancer Survivors

This is a wonderful book with information on the nutritional and cultural value of traditional Alaska Native foods, including recipes. This is a valuable source of information to help in your education, procurement, and inclusion of these foods in your ECE program.

The Alaska Department of Education and Early Development e-Learning ModulesCACFP Wellness Guidelines: Modul 5 Serving Local and Traditional Foods

This eLearning course provides guidance on serving local and traditional Alaskan foods. The course is self-paced with a certificate offered after completion.