Gardens and Farms


State of Alaska Division of Agriculture Local Food Hero

This is a great activity to show case to kids those people around them who are involved in food. From farmers to chefs, there are many folks who are involved in bringing local foods to our plates. A fun activity could be deciding on a Local Food Hero in your community as a group and making a poster about them.

State of Alaska Division of Agriculture Carrot Seed Tape Activity

This activity is a fun, easy way of getting children out and involved in the garden. For added fun, experiment with other varieties of seed like beets or radishes.

Central Peninsula Garden Club Barley Buddy Activity

Barley Buddy is a fun way to show introduce children to a grain that is grown and used right here in Alaska. This is also a great activity to involve kids in gardening when space is limited or on the off season. They are easy and fun.

Growing Minds Farm to School Honeybee Lesson

This is a great introduction to bees. Children will learn about bee communication, how they compare to other insects, and their role in the gardening process. Creating a Bee Friendly Garden

This activity helps young children to understand a bee’s role in garden pollination. There are also some fun activities to help bees thrive and live in your school garden.

State of Alaska Division of Agriculture Alaska Lunch Tray Map

This colorful and fun map showcases the cultivated and some wild resources too. Print this off to display in your classroom, kitchen, or send home with parents.

Harvest for Healthy Kids Activities

Harvest for Healthy Kids helps children develop healthy eating habits. The program connects young children with fresh food grown close to home through activity kits that teach science, math and literacy. Each kit is developed and tested by teachers and childcare providers, and includes hands-on activities with different fruits and vegetables, colorful picture cards, newsletters for families and background information for adults. All Harvest for Healthy Kids activities are aligned with early learning standards and have been rigorously evaluated.