Resource for Early Child Educators

This Alaska Farm to Early Care and Education (ECE) Supplement brings together educational resources that reflect the cultivated and indigenous bounty of the geographically diverse state of Alaska. From our pristine coastal waters, the rich glacial soils of our farmlands, on to our forests and wetlands, and ending with the berry speckled abundance of the tundra, Alaska is a unique place filled with endless educational possibilities. The Division of Agriculture hopes this supplement will be valuable tool as you educate Alaska’s littlest eaters and explorers.

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How to Use this Supplement


The above table of contents outlines what resources you will find in each chapter. There is a variety of information, activities, and lessons within each resource, so it’s encouraged to read though each resource and see what it has to offer. The resources are presented as either PFD files or website links. Right click each one to open it. And most importantly, enjoy the exploration these resources bring to the children in your family childcare homes or centers.

Gardens and Farms

Information on incorporating garden-based education, farm field trips, and ideas for simple educational and age appropriate activities and resources to incorporate into you family childcare home or center that are unique to Alaska.

Indigenous and Traditional Alaska

Alaska’s Native people have rich traditions of using plants and animals to sustain and thrive in Alaska’s challenging climates. From the ocean to the tundra, here you will find information on how they have and continue to live off the land; with lessons and activities to help educate and incorporate these long-held traditions in an early care education setting.

Salmon and Fish

Alaska’s relationship with salmon, trout, halibut, sheefish, and a wide variety of other species reaches back millennia and into present day. Long part of Native Alaskan’s diets, fish are a healthy addition to any diet and a strong part of Alaska’s economy. In this chapter, you will find resources to help children connect with all the reason fish are an integrated part of Alaskan’s lives.

Recipes and Food Services

There is so much diversity in the way Alaskan foods can be prepared. It is well known that exposing children to a wide variety of foods growing up can help them discover new tastes they enjoy and make healthier choices as adults down the road. Here you will find Alaska centered recipes to entice and excite the littlest eaters.

Procurement Resources

Alaska is a big state with lots of opportunity for the procurement of local foods or other resources. Here you will find guidance and links on seasonal produce availability, farmer’s markets, purchasing seafood, apps, commercial resources, listservs, and other helpful items.

Comprehensive Farm to School Resources

Farm to School resources from around the state and the country. Familiarity with these sources with serve you and your childcare center well.